Objectives of the club.

*-Our first priority is to increase awareness among primary school students in collaboration with other secondary school students about arts stream.

*-Increase awareness among students about the rich culture of Maldives.

*-give information of Maldivian leaders.

*-conduct cultural information which are on the vague of extinction

*-To make pass percentage of arts stream to 100% and A grades to 90%.

*-Provide field experience to students of art stream.

Structure of the Association


Ahmed Naufal


Vice President   

Shahuleen Rasheed



Hassan Zinaah


Joint Secretary 

Mohamed Nazmee



Ahmed Aflah  Ashfaq


Representatives gr 8

Mohamed Zayaan Abdulla


Representatives gr 9

Mohamed Vidhan Shakir


Representatives gr 10

Ali Shuhaidh


Organizing Team.

   Mr.Ashraf Ali               – Leading Teacher

Mr.Vaikunda Raj        – History Teacher

       Mr.K.Prakash             – Geography Teacher


1. Ahmed Naufal

2. Ali Shuhaidh

3. Hassan Jinan

4. Ahmed Aflah Ashfag

5. Mohamed Mussad

6. Mohamed Shahudhaan

7. Shahuleen Rasheed


It is the study of Earth, man and his environment.

Advantages or benefits of studying Geography

Students can learn about the universe, solar system, formation of the earth, its features and other planets in the solar system. Geography also deals with the study of people from all over the world and their living conditions. So that it will enable us to study different climatic regions in which the people are living.

Job opportunities for the candidates studying geography

There are lots of job opportunities provided for candidates after studying geography. They will get chance to work in the Meteorological centre, a geologists in the geological department, a geographer, a Cartographer, a mining engineer (Excavation), in a Remote sensing department in the space Launching stations, a teacher, in a Weather Forecasting centre,  Soil conservatory centre, Survey departments, an Oeanographer,Anthropologists and so on.

Field Trip

The department has arranged a Field trip to the Meteorological Centre at Hulhule International Airport. It was really a worthy trip for the students because they were studying the topic ‘weather instrument’ under the topic ‘weather and climate’.  

Overseas Trip To Srilanka

The department has arranged an overseas trip to Srilanka on 4th june.There is 16 students are participating in the trip. It is really a worthy trip for the students to see the physical features such as mountains, hills, lake, rivers and so on.


A study of what out forefathers have achieved and what they left us to achieve.

History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life, and prepares us to be better citizens.

The O/ level history is designed to provide a course of study for those whose interests are in teaching, business, government services and the professions, as well as for personal enrichment.

For our history students the club used to conduct various activities such as, project work, group work, debate, quiz, drama and field trips both domestic as well as abroad.  

The department has arranged a Field trip to the Museum of Male’. It was a useful trip for the students even though it does not help them directly to the O level syllabus.