An important event was launched on Sunday, the 8th of July 2012 with the grade 10 students. Leadership program has been an initiative taken up by a group of think tankers from the school along with some of the student leaders. The purpose of this initiative was to help each and every, student as well as staff help identify the leader within themselves. The initial idea of the program actually was started sometime back during Term1 when the school principal met with the think tanks to come up with ideas for student development. The idea was to inculcate & bring about the leadership quality in each student, staff & the team came up with the 7 ‘Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Steven Covey. The 7 habits of this program are phased out into three stages whereby the first phase is to develop self mastery & identify the inner strength. The second phase is to do with working with others & the third phase is related to self-rejuvenation. Under Phase1, in developing self mastery, the team took the first 3 habits: ‘Be Proactive’, ‘Begin with the End inMind’, & ‘Put First Things First’. To start on with phase1, the theme chosen was Courtesy, whereby whole school was requested to show courteousness towards each other & develop on their positive self so that each person can feel good about the other.

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