Dharuma (DLA)

The students’ association of Dhivehi Department was inaugurated by Mr. Abbas Ibrahim, Chairman of National Centre for Linguistic and Historical Research. DHARUMA took the initiative to celebrate all the days of national importance with various cultural activities


About LEAD

LEAD stands for Literary English Association of Dharumavantha. The students association of English Department was inaugurated by Dr Mahmood Shaugee. As English is the medium of instruction in the school and a language of international importance, it is necessary that the students gain good command in this language. The activities of LEAD were directed to make the students learn variety of language skills that would help them in their day-to-day classroom environment.


To congregate, research, learning and disseminate knowledge. Create a forum for self development with leadership quality and a chance to rise and shine.

Mission Statement:

To unearth the literary talents in students and help them bloom as worthy citizens.

Lead Towards Excellence.