Meanings of the Colors
  Green: Our Islamic Society
  White: Peacefulness.
  Black: Willingness.
  Red: To sacrifice our lives for the nation and the religion.
  The Shield: The Cadet Corps power to defend itself, the Nation and the Religion in every aspect.

The inaugural ceremony of the Dharumavantha Cadet Corps was held on 21st May which was graced by Col. Moosa Ali Jaleel. It comprised of 48 cadets and 24 bandsmen transferred from Majeediyya Cadet Corps. 84 new cadets and 32 bandsmen were newly recruited, which gave a total strength of 188 for the DCC. 74 cadets were given the promotion of which 34 got the promotion for the first time.


The crown, sitting on top of the crest, signifies the majestic qualities inscribed within each individual those  who follow the crest and all what it stands for, and their belief in it. The crown perpetuates the majestic  framework of discipline, confidence, honor, respect, leadership, truth and all that makes the ideal human being.


The Glass Lyre perpetuates the high and unique quality of music performed with the highest eminence. The glass origin of the lyre denoted the fragile characters of the nature of work carried out and the hard work that is needed to uphold the high quality of it. The inner Wreath stands for the small number of high ranking officers who strive endlessly to keep the ensemble together and to monitor the quality standards of it.


The Wreath, with the idea of the Wreath forming a protective covering around the whole insignia, stands for the total strength of the band and its ranks, who toil to uphold and protect what all the Crown, the Glass Lyre and School Badge, stand for.