Department of Computer studies

Dharumavantha School


Dear visitors,

Welcome to the department of computer studies.

Let us commence with a sense of achievement. Our department takes pride in achieving the world rank for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011. We are sure that this accomplishment was made possible due to the dedicated efforts put in by our talented teaching faculty and also because of the incessant support from our management.  At this juncture, we want to express our heart-felt thanks to those people who led the department in the past. Mrs Aminath Waseela (Present Deputy Principal),    Mr. Ali Shameem  (Presently working in Jordan) to name some. It was during their tenure, a strong foundation was laid for this Department. The department has continued its mission of attaining success and setting new targets.


 The vision of our department is to bring the Department to the top by dedicating ourselves to unselfish trust and combining instinct with boldness and effort.

Mission statement:

The Department of Computer Studies at Dharumavantha will be a consummate place to impart quality Computer education to Maldivian National students. The department is committed to ensure that the students are prepared for any challenges on their way in the emerging world of computers and in higher education.

Department team:

Mr. Antony (Coordinator)

Mrs. Aminath Yusra

Mrs. Benitha


Some useful links

General Resources

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• Site 7  Can be useful for some topics e.g. compilers and assemblers

• Site 8  Clear detailed pages, 40% available free

• Site 9  Need some school resources

• Site 10  Parts of a computer

• Site 11  Article on the social impact of the use of computers

• Site 12  Revision and teaching topics

• Site 13   Introduction to types of operating system

• Site 14   Article that compares interrupts and polling

• Site 15  Brief introduction to networking

• Site 16  The CIE web site for the syllabus discussion group and recommended texts