A broad, academically challenging education awaits students at Dharumavantha School. The school’s curriculum offers a wide range of subjects and aims to respond to changes in focus suggested by national trends and the expertise of the staff. The school believes that the curriculum in the widest sense includes far more than the timetabled lessons. Different curriculum choices are offered as Science Stream, Arts Stream & Business Stream subject along with 4 compulsory subjects and other optional subjects

Subject Periods per week
English Compulsory subject
Chemistry Science stream subjects
History Arts stream subjects
Commerce Business stream subjects
Economics Optional subjects
Business Studies
Fisheries Science
Computer Studies


Large number of additional opportunities for curriculum enrichment is considered to be of great value such as: normal classes, field trips, revision classes, study skills lectures, leadership training, clubs and associations etc.

All pupils are expected to work hard to achieve their full potential. Academic success in GCSE, SSC and all manner of other events and competitions is an aim of the curriculum and an aspiration of pupils, staff and parents. The development of learning skills, an understanding of learning styles and an understanding and love of learning which will continue into adult life are wider aims of the curriculum.

Dharumavantha School is committed to providing equal opportunities within and access to the curriculum to all pupils. All choices within the curriculum are discussed with the pupil and parents and all efforts are made to ensure that each individual makes informed choices that are appropriate for individual abilities, needs and aspirations.