The vision of the school is to provide pupils the optimal environment to produce academic and personal excellence and to develop them as contributing members to the society.


The mission of the School is to proclaim the values of Islam and celebrate the traditions of our nation of scholarship, diligence and self-sufficiency by promoting the highest quality of education and to ensure that each student is provided with the best opportunity to achieve his full potential as a Maldivian and to prepare him to face the world of tomorrow with faith, wisdom, and confidence.

School Philosophy

The School philosophy is Everyone can learn, achieve and excel. It states that any student is a student capable of learning and achieving something from learning and excel in achievement.


The School Motto is well embedded in the three words of Faith, Discipline and Wisdom. They are in fact the three pillars on which the Educational philosophy of Dharumavantha School rests.


Refers to the steadfast commitment of the students to the value of Islam for life.


Refers to a conscious control of mind and body to achieve high ideals of the School. It also hints to the idea of being a disciple of the noble Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu and guide students to do deeds of Dharuma or to do loyal service to the family, community and the nation.


Denotes the school’s relentless effort to inculcate keen perception and sound judgment in our pupils as envisioned by the noble Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu

Core Values

School Badge

It is a shield with an embossed D in the middle with its border in navy bluefilled in with white colour. The School Motto of FAITH, DISCIPLINE, and WISDOM is imprinted at the bottom of the shield. White represents our belief in Islam where as the navy blue reflects the colour of the ocean around our nation. White is a symbol of purity and simplicity of our Faith Islam.


School Houses
Name of House Colour
Faashanaa Brown
Ranna Ba’ndeyri Green
Dhoshimeyna Red
Faamudheyri Yellow
School Uniforms