The position of Prefect is regarded as the most challenging form of leadership. The Prefects are elected through a comprehensive and rigorous process annually by students and teachers.

Any student in the school must be aware that any disciplinary or academic difficulties that would result in suspension and/or probation may result in the preclusion of the student from the Prefect election/selection process. The records section of the school will be given a transcript of the disciplinary proceedings of any student. The Prefect Selection Panel, in consultation with the Principal, will determine if a student with Academic or Disciplinary problems can run for Prefectship.

Prefects have an opportunity and responsibility to:

  • Exemplify the highest standards in the area of school dress and deportment at all times.
  • Represent the school at outside school functions when requested.
  • Act as a liaison between teachers, students and the administration.
  • Take on leadership initiative that will make the institution better not just for the present year but on into the future.
  • Be accountable for one’s actions and recognize that one is a School Prefect, not simply a Prefect of the student body.
  • Assist younger students in reaching their potential in all areas of the school.
  • Work within a team concept for the betterment of the institution, not for personal gain or fulfillment. — Not for Ourselves Alone.
  • Attend Prefect duties every day.
  • Set the tone for dress, personal appearance and conduct in and around the school every day.
  • Attend all Prefect meetings.
  • Be completely accountable for all areas within one’s assigned Prefect portfolio.
  • Assist in running Social Awareness and other assemblies.


General Criteria’s to be a prefect:

  • Student should achieve pass mark (50%) in all the 8 subjects and an overall grade of B or above in the first term examination.
  • Student do not have any disciplinary records.