Welcome to the Qur’an Club

Qur’an is the word of Allah. It encompasses the message from Allah to mankind and guides them towards attaining the real goal of their lives – meeting their Creator for eternal bliss. It is through the Holy Qur’an that we can achieve this goal and salvation. We welcome all students and teachers of Dharumavantha School to be a part of our club.


Qur’an club will strive to become the best club in Dharumavantha School by encouraging and training students to abide by the rules of Islam, to uphold the good manners in Islam and to recite Qur’an nicely.


The Qur’an Club of Dharumavantha School strives to achieve the highest possible level of excellence in the field of Islamic studies and Qur’an recitation through abiding by the rules of Islam and by learning from the moral values from the Holy Qur’an.






Club members

Teacher-in-charge (2011): Ms. Sobah

Assisting Teacher (2011): Ms. Sofa


Teacher-in-charge (2012):

Ms. Sofa and Ms. Sobah

Assisting Teachers: Ms. Zidna

Ms. Fauziyya

Ms. Sofiyya

Ms. Afsana

President: Hamdhaan Ashraf 10 B

Vice President: Adam Raif Nasheed 10 H

Secretary: Mohammed Ahzam Hussein 9 D

Grade 10 representative: Abdullah Miqdhaadh 10 K

Grade 9 representative: Fauzan Qasim 9 D

Grade 8 representative: Ahmed Iyaz 8 C



The Qur’an Club of Dharumavantha School is a Club formed by teachers and students, for the purpose of organizing and conducting activities related to the practice of Islam and Qur’an, within the school.


                To present the school in various Qur’an and Islam-related competitions

                To give information to the students regarding Islam

                 To  inculcate Islamic, moral, and ethical values and uphold good manners in Islam

                To develop an Islamic spirit within the student body

                To develop interest among the students towards the Holy Qur’an

                To create opportunities for students to be involved in activities that will nurture and foster love for Islam

Programs and Activities carried out

                2007 – Inter-house Qur’an Competition

                Fajr Prayer in Jamaa’ath and Qur’an recitation every year on the day Maldives embraced Islam

                Training students for every Qur’an Competition

                2011 – Inter-class Qur’an Competition


  • National Qur’an Competition 2011: 

             Hassan Ahzam Hussein – 1st place (under 16)

             Mohammed Alsan – 3rd place (under 16)

             Adam Raif Nasheed – 3rd place (under 16)

  • Falaah Qur’an Competition 2011:

             Ahmed Samih – 2nd place (under 16)

             Hamdhaan Ashraf – 3rd place (under 16)

  • Iyaar Qur’an Competition 2011:

             Hassan Ahzam Hussein – 1st place (under 16)

             Mohammed Alsan – 2nd place (under 16)

             Hamdhaan Ashraf – 3rd place (under 16)

            Dharumavantha School – 2nd School from the whole competition


  • Students Qualified for National Qur’an competition 2012:

              Hussein Hamees Ali, Mohamed Alsan, Fauzan Qasim, Hassan Ahzam Hussein


Plans and Targets



29th January

Qur’an Competition (primary)

18th April

Inter-class Qur’an Competition

24th June

Inter-class Quiz and Debate Competition

5th August

Qur’an Translation and Madhaha Competition

The Qur’an Club wishes to thank all the senior management Staff, teachers and students who helped in carrying out the programs organized by the club.