The students of the Dharumavantha School who were the lovers of Nature formed SEED – the Society for the Environmental Enrichment of Dharumavantha. They believed that such an association of students would help to develop among the students a keen interest in protecting the school environment from littering and keeping it clean. It was further meant to create a higher degree of awareness of the need to protect their society from ecological peril.

It was first inaugurated in the on the 21 st March 2002, (Thursday) evening by the former director at the Ministry of Home affairs, Housing and Environment, Mr. Mohamed Khaleel.

Logo and its definition

SEED logo designed as a coconut can be personified as its concern towards sustaining and maintaining the Maldivian environment and its eco-systems especially the extinctive and historical and Natural sites of the Maldives.

The Aim

SEED is formed in the aim of making the students and public aware about the hazards and dangers faced to the Environment and to achieve this objective it will plan and carryout different activities and programs

Mission Statement

The top most priority of the society would be to care the Maldivian Environment and its Eco-System accordance with the Motto of the Society ` Tradition of 3R .

The Society aims include Preserving, Maintaining and sustaining the natural habitats and many protected and endangered species of the World.

The greenness is our pride and the responsiveness towards the commitment would be our top most priority.


The Motto of the Society ` Tradition of 3R ` symbolizes its concern on REDUCE / REUSE / RECYCLE .